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A Trusted Online Advertising Resource With Proven Results

蚂蚁彩票计划yuanmusy.com is a comprehensive community portal Web site featuring user-friendly navigation to access a wealth of information relevant to the Chinese community. yuanmusy.com is the Chinese community's premiere online resource for late breaking news, community forums, literature, and much more.

蚂蚁彩票计划More than 9 million unique users perform over 150 million page views per month spending an average of 36 minutes on our site. Users return repeatedly because our site takes the community approach to meeting the needs of our readers. Your advertising gets exposure to targeted customers every time.

yuanmusy.com Is the Chinese Community's Favorite Portal Site

  • Ranked 49th by Alexa in traffic for Global Top 500 Web sites
  • Ranked 14th by Alexa in traffic of Top 100 Chinese Web sites
  • Ranked Number ONE by Chinese Top 100 for Chinese literature
  • Ranked 3rd by Chinese Ranks World Wide in overseas Chinese Web sites
  • Ranked 7th by Google.com of Top 40 Chinese simplified portal sites
  • Ranked 7th by Chinese Top 100 in world Web sites

Affluent Readers & Users, We've Got Them

蚂蚁彩票计划As our world changes, so does the technology that brings us together. There is a growing need for instantaneous news and a sense of community. yuanmusy.com complements the lifestyles of our most active and affluent readers- your future customers. They are consistently online and ready and able to buy.

    Our average reader, your future buyer:

    • Spends over 36 minutes visiting our site.
    • Is well educated and technologically savvy.
    • Goes online every day to shop, send email, perform online trading, and more.
      Is highly proficient in the English language.

    Earns an annual income of $50,000 to $100,000.
    58% have investments, and of those, 70% trade stocks online at an average of nine trades per month.*
    Close to 35% conduct online banking.*
    *Source: Click Z Stats Trends & Statistics: The Web’s Richest Source


    • 67% of our readers are male.
    • 33% are female.
    • 72% reside in the United States.


    • 73% of our readers are 25-35 years old.
    • 27% are 36-45 years old.


    • 97% hold a college degree.
    • 73% hold a Master’s degree or higher.

     Chinese-American Demographics  Canadian-Chinese Demographics

Achieve REAL Results With 24/7 Real Media

yuanmusy.com relies on 24/7 RealMedia Open AdStreamCENTRAL? 5.6 as our 3rd party ad serving solution. 24/7 Real Media, Inc. provides a full spectrum of solutions for interactive marketing by targeting and delivering rich media campaigns to a specific audience based on demographic, geographic, anonymous data points and user interaction.

Achieving real advertising results is simple. We have the ability to easily produce creatives using templates, deliver to a variety of platforms, and generate revenue, campaign, and content performance reports.

Ad Specifications and Guidelines: (Click here for more details)

Creative Unit Placements Size File Size Rich Media 3rd Party Serving Notes
Full Banner HP ,ROS, ROC, News Forums, Shopping 728x90 20K Yes Yes  
Skyscraper HP, ROS, ROC, News Forums, Shopping 120x600 20K Yes Yes  
Rectangle Ad News Content 300x25 20K Yes Yes  
Buttons HP, News, Forums, Shopping 120x60 8K Yes Yes  
Text Link HP, News, Forums, Shopping 50 Max Chinese Chars, 1 line max N/A N/A N/A  
Pop-up HP, News, Forums, Shopping 300x250 Up to 35K Yes Yes 1x frequency cap per day
Pop-under HP, News, Forums, Shopping 400x400 Up to 35K Yes Yes 1x frequency cap per day

Ad rates are varied based on placement location, total budget and length of contract commitment. Customized sponsorship buy costs will be determined by level of traffic and elements used to develop your tailored package.

In addition to standard banner advertising, yuanmusy.com supports your advertising and marketing efforts through a variety of affordable strategies customized to meet your specific needs. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Web Community Sponsorships
  • New Media
  • Email Newsletter
  • Research
  • Seasonal Events & Promotions
  • Editorial Sponsorship
  • Sweepstakes

Advertiser Satisfaction Is Our Highest Priority

yuanmusy.com provides the strategic online media to reach the Chinese community. Since 1997, yuanmusy.com has consistently ranked among the most popular Chinese community Web sites- statistics our advertisers can not ignore.

yuanmusy.com has proven itself as a premiere online advertising medium that directly delivers customers to your growing business.

On-line Forms
Put our demographics to work for you. Contact our Advertising Sales Department at:
Tel: (510)668-1889 Ext.103
E-mail: adsales@chinagate.com
Or simply submit your inquiry online at: www.xuexuecity.com/ads/?act=advsubmit